Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Chandler Twins, Grotta Azzurra, and Jingga

I don't know what's happening to me but I'm dying to read something romantic (again).

Maybe it's because I was just finished reading some works by Jude Deveraux (Okay, I finished them some months ago, to be exact)? She have been one of my fave writer since not very long ago. Being a historical-themed story fan I am, it's not taking a long time to make me fall deep in love with her works. So far I've only read The Twin of Fire and The Twin of Ice, but I do have some of her other works that I think I should stealing some time from my work/college to read them.

But I think I want to reread The Twin of Fire first..

Jude Deveraux's The Twin of Fire Jude Deveraux's The Twin of Ice

I think I started reading this kind of novel (the genre, I mean) when I was at my first or second year of high school. It was for my literature class (here in Indonesia, we call it 'Bahasa Indonesia' class) assignment, which was to review a book or journal or story or such. Being the reader I am, I wanted to review something I hadn't read before. Thus, I chose an old Indonesian novel I borrowed from my school library, entitled Grotta Azzurra.

If I'm not remembering wrong, the author is Sutan Takdir Alisjahbana (it's an old Van Opheysen writing. It spelled Sutan Takdir Alisyahbana).

I didn't finish it on time to write my full review on the book. Too bad. Well, it was my own fault to choose something like that for a simple task of reviewing books (all my friends reviewed about novels they had read like Harry Potter, Darren Shan, etc., or simply a short story on magazine.. I should have done that too), but at least I got a high score for my review. *grins*

I could say the book's well written, especially when it's on the romantic scene. But since it also have some political debate in it, which was not really my topic back then, I felt it bored me a bit. I think I should reread it, now that I'm a bit into political matters.

Maybe after I reread The Twin of Fire (like I said before). *smiles*

Oh, by the way. My brother announced me that Jingga had died two days ago (or at least he told me that on the phone two days ago), saying something about problems with the water-pump on Jingga's aquarium. I should have known it when she gets restless and all (Okay, actually I don't know if Jingga's a she or a he. I'm just assuming things).

I hope my brother wouldn't fry her, though I bet he wouldn't. He's a bit.. umm.. fussy when it comes to the fish he eats. Yeah.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Seven Wonders of the World

Hello guys!

I once was tagged by my friend for a note at my facebook account. I think the note is very, VERY beautiful so maybe sharing it would be a good idea. I write this on my own way, but it's nothing far from the original note.


A group of geography students were learning about the seven wonders of the world. At the beginning of the lesson, they were asked by their teacher to write down the list about the seven wonders.

Not very long after the teacher asked the students to hand down their task. When it was handed down, the teacher couldn't help but looking for one of his female student. She was so quiet and hadn't hand her task down yet.

So the teacher asked the girl, do you have any problems on writing the list?

The quiet girl answered, yes, I have a problem to write the list. There're too much to mention...

Amused, the teacher said, okay, let's try to tell the class anything you have on your mind, maybe they can help you to choose.

Hesitantly, the girl then tell her friends about what she thought.

I think, the seven wonders of the world are:
01. be able to see
02. be able to hear
03. be able to touch
04. be able to care

The girl was quiet for a moment before she continued it.

05. be able to feel
06. be able to laugh, and
07. be able to LOVE and be LOVED.

The whole class could only be silent after hearing that..

!! The Point is:
Sometimes we forget about the true wonders we already have on our own and demands for the other wonders which is actually just a fake.

my poor attempt on picturing the point.. =.= i can't draw with a mouse.


Hehe.. how do you think?

That's it for this time's post. See ya on the next one! *grins*

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Doubt by me (H. Herman) on

I'm having doubt on my capability right now. I don't think I could master anything or.. well, anything to make people look at me with awes in their eyes. Not that I love attention that much, no, but still..

It's like.. do I actually have talents at all? Sure some of my friends deem me as someone who can do.. umm.. something, but that's all. I draw and paint but I find that it's not stable at all. I sing but there're so much people who sing better than me, and just right around me (I'm not talking about professional singer here). I play the piano but it's just so-so. I do basketball but I would be quickly fatigued. I craft and knit and do girly chores but I got bored not long after. I'm not very good at talking my thoughts, so I couldn't debate or such. And so on..

Really here, what am I capable to do right, after all?


Maybe I expect myself too high?

... So what if I expect myself too high? It's alright, isn't it? *grins* And because I'm sort of an ambitious person, I would try harder to make it true.

Maybe it's just a matter of time. Wish me luck on making myself better! *smiles*

Oh, check out this month's quotation, m'kay?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Does Your Name Fit You?

I'm utterly bored and this PMSing thingie makes me feel a bit down (and I hate it). My muse said, 'Hey, try something to lighten your feelings up!' So I did. Well, look what I found here:

Does your name fit you?

H: makes people laugh
A: has a smile to die for =)
N: easy to fall in love with
N: easy to fall in love with
Y: Fuckin Sexy

A: has a smile to die for =)
R: very romantic
Y: Fuckin Sexy
U: is loved by everyone
N: easy to fall in love with
D: great friend
A: has a smile to die for =)

A: has a smile to die for =)
B: is a nerd at times
C: can kick ur ass
D: great friend
E:Has beautiful eyes
F: wild and crazy
H: makes people laugh
I: bestt boyfriend or girlfriend
J: is really sweet
K: gorgeouss
L: can be funny and dumb at times
M: nice butt
N: easy to fall in love with
O: has one of the best personalities ever
P: popular with all types of people
Q: likes somone
R: very romantic
S: very very good kisser
T: is very open minded
U: is loved by everyone
V: not judgmental
W: very hot
X: never let people tell you what to do
Y: Fuckin Sexy
Z: makes dating fun

REPOST WITH: does ur name fit u??and something lucky will happen 11:36 TONIGHT


Hahah, it's very useless, indeed. And here I did it. *grins*
Whatever. At least I feel a bit happier now.
Does it fit me? I myself don't feel it really fits me.. Especially the Y part. It made me laugh, really!

But I do really hope the N alphabet is true.

Oh, actually I don't really believe the last part, but heck, I'll post it that way.
So, how about you? Does your name fit you?? :D

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Dream Pets

I'm thinking of having a cat. Preferably short haired breeds. I think Russian Blue or Sphinx would be a CUTE choice. *smiles*

Russian Blue Sphinx

Okay, I know that Sphinx' hair is very, very short it looks like it is hairless, but see? So cute, isn't it? And very unique too!

Too bad I don't know where I could find them. Never see a pet shop selling these breeds.


I want to pet a dog too. The one with wolfish figure, like Siberian Husky or Alaskan Malamute.

Siberian Husky Alaskan Malamute

I don't know what the differences between these two breeds are, and I don't plan on searching out. *grins*

But it seems that it would be very hard for me to pet a dog. *sighs*

So I think I should be satisfied on my pet goldfish named Jingga for now. *grins*

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