Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh, My.. What Some Long Months Indeed!

Hi-ho, guys! *smiles*

It's been quite a long time since my last post, no? Well, lately I got no time to do my postings, due to some assignments I'm forced to do for this semester. Those horrible assignments, ohh.. *goosebumps* And they have feet, I swear! They're always running around and chasing me and, ..and yelling, 'HEY! THE DEADLINE IS TOMORROW, SO STOP FOOLING AROUND AND DO IT!'

Okay, okay, I admit it, that was partly my fault to begin with.. I just left the assignments untouched 'till they came to me and yelled those horrible words I typed on CAPS above. And with them haunting me all the day and the night just before the deadline, I just couldn't deny them anymore so I had to do them right there and then (Oh, don't get any wrong ideas in that sentence, please..). I don't know why, but it seems that all my great ideas come when I am under pressure. Humm, maybe I should say this in a cooler words. An adrenaline rush? Well, yeah, maybe.

They said all sanguins (I'm a sanguin, from what I know) are just like that, and I couldn't help but agreeing.

Hehehe. *grins*

God, I feel that these past two months are very, very long months I've endure in my entire life. Oh, okay, I'm using hyperbole there. Not that long, actually. It's just.. long. Well, whatever. It's just, I got no workshop class for this semester and yet I got the equal amount of assignment like those semester when I did the workshop. Just what did I take anyway?

Oh, right. Urban Design. Along with Regional and Urban Modelling.

Not that I regret taking those classes. They're really fun, actually! Well, they're just not that nice if you look on the other way around.

I'll tell you why.

Urban Design's always smiling at me on the very first time we met, alluring me with her sweet words (somehow in my mind, I got the feeling that this class should be feminine) and made me couldn't drop the class when I had the opportunity. Well, okay, all the time I spend with her is very fun, though by no means is also very tiring. I got to do some observations to the place I've never been before, made plenty designs, made plenty plots, etcetera. New experiences for me, new knowledges for me, and old aches on legs, back, and most importantly, brain, also for me. Not to mention the final assignment made me worry too much, and I hate the worrying me. I should be doing it now (yeah, I haven't finished it yet), but here I am, trying to prolong my time to deal with it. *sighs*

On the other hand, the Regional and Urban Modelling sounds very cool for me at first. He looks at me with a pair of very mysterious eyes (yeah, this one has more masculine trait, it seems), making me melt with curiousness. He's very mysterious that I EVEN DO NOT KNOW what he will talk about, and being the often-indifferent-girl I am, I don't make any attempt to find out. So, yes, without my proper investigation about him, I soon was caught in the subject I'm not very good at: Advance Planning Analysis Methods. Oh, c'mon, who the hell is talking about.. those things with a girl anyway? Regression with dummy variables? Coefficient of determination? Give me a break!

But still, I would say I'm happy to know them. Like I told you before, they're nice. *smiles*

Oh, yeah, by the way, since my semester is almost done now, it's just a matter of time for me to have two and half months for myself. My lovely beach, here I come!

Scratch that. I still have to do my field practices (kerja praktek) on my summer holiday. Oh, cruel, cruel major I got. Indeed. Luckily, a government office has already accept me to practice with them, and they're located at my own hometown! Maybe I can still visit my lovely beach on the weekends? I hope so.

Oh, oh, my birthday is coming soon! What will I do? What will I do??
Humm.. going out for a dinner with my whole family sounds great. Maybe I'll do that. *smiles*

Till next time, guys! Ta-ta for now!
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