Wednesday, February 3, 2010

PayPal, anyone?

I am currently in a deep thought about a question here:


Any help about that, peeps? ‘Cuz I’m thinking of making an account, actually. :D

When We Were Little, When We Are Big..

When I was little, I thought so many things, so many innocent things. Things like,

“What will I get on my birthday? Will my friends remember it?”

“When will my feet reach the ground while I sit?”

“When will I be able to bend my hand
when I hang it on the car’s hanger?”
Ummm, what’s it name in English?
I don’t know, actually.. *sweatdropped*)

“Will papa bring me my favorite snacks?
Will mama buy me a new doll? “

”How tall will I grow?”

“What will this weekend's Doraemon
or any other cartoon shows I loved) be about?”

“When will I start getting periods?
How will PMS feel like?”
Okay, this one was when I almost graduate
from elementary school..)

… Yeah, innocent things like that.

I was sitting on the traffic when I suddenly remember these thought I used to have (I tend to have my mind wandering off somewhere when I am bored), and I wonder, how come the matters that filled my mind at the present time are completely different from they were? Where did those innocent things go?

Back then I was a girl whose imaginations run wild. I believed in everything. I trusted people. I was scared on anything scary. I laughed when I wanted to. Making friends was always easy.

carefree indeed. :)

But now everything changes. There’s some sacrifices needed in order to be an adult. Everything’s based on causalities now. Everything needs to be thought carefully. Everything has consequences. There's no such thing as a free lunch, people say. And that is true.

I really miss my childhood. I miss my childish thoughts. I miss my impulse act. Though being an adult has its own benefits, I can say that I miss my carefree being.


Yeah I could dream more then
I could believed more then
That the world could only get better
I could be free more then
I could pretend more then
That this life could only show me good times
Once when I was little

James Morrison – Once When I Was Little

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